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About the Journal

Journal Particulars
Title i-manager's Journal on Critical Care Nursing (JCCN)
Frequency Tri-annual
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Publisher i-manager Publications
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Starting Year 2024
Subject Nursing
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Aims and Scope

Critical Care Nursing delivers highly specialized care to patients dealing with life-threatening conditions or in need of intensive monitoring and treatment. It involves comprehensive attention to individuals of all ages who are critically ill, often in settings such as Intensive Care Units (ICUs) or emergency departments. Critical care nursing swiftly utilizes advanced technology and specialized skills to stabilize and fully support patients in critical conditions. i-manager’s Journal on Critical Care Nursing is dedicated to disseminating cutting-edge research and best practices within the field of critical care nursing. The objective is to provide meaningful perspectives that enrich critical care nursing expertise, encouraging its tangible implementation and nurturing educational progressions within this specialized realm of healthcare.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

We follow stringent publication ethics, and plagiarized papers are not published, and are withdrawn at any stage of the publishing process. Plagiarism is not limited to the Results and Discussion sections; it can involve any part of the manuscript, including figures and tables, in which material is copied from another publication without attestation, reference, or permission.

Publication Ethics & Peer Review Policy

i-manager Publications follow transparent policies right from paper submission to publication through various well defined and time tested processes.

The publisher follows a ‘No Publishing Fee’ policy.

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Review Procedure

The Journal follows a double blind peer-review process. The submitted articles / research papers are reviewed by Professors/Educators in the field of Nursing.

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Overall Topics Covered

  • Patient Outcomes in Intensive Care Units

  • Ethical Issues in Critical Care Nursing

  • Nurse Staffing and Patient Safety

  • Psychosocial Support for Families of Critically Ill Patients

  • Effectiveness of Pain Management in Critical Care

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Use of Technology in Critical Care Nursing

  • Resilience and Coping Strategies among Critical Care Nurses

  • Cultural Competence in Critical Care Nursing

  • Tracheostomy

  • Infection Control and Prevention in the ICU

  • Role of Advanced Practice Nurses in Critical Care Settings

  • Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Critical Care Nursing

  • Trauma and Emergency Critical Care

  • Communication Strategies in High-Stress Environments

  • Use of Simulation in Critical Care Nursing Education

  • Integration of Palliative Care Principles in Critical Care Nursing

  • Invasive Monitoring

  • Implementation of Family-Centered Care in the ICU

  • Nursing Leadership and Quality Improvement Initiatives in Critical Care

  • Mechanical Ventilation

  • Role of Telemedicine in Critical Care Nursing

  • Utilization of Alternative Therapies in Critical Care Nursing

  • Life Support Techniques

  • Cultural Competency and Diversity in Critical Care Nursing

  • Critical Care Medicine

  • Healthcare Disparities in Critical Care

  • Advanced Technologies and Innovations in Critical Care

  • Efficacy of Early Goal-Directed Therapy in Critical Care

  • Sedation and Analgesia

  • Sepsis Management and Early Recognition in Critical Care

  • Nutritional Support in Critical Care

  • Hemodynamic Monitoring

  • Quality of Life and Functional Outcomes Post-ICU Discharge

  • Infectious Diseases in Critical Care

  • Optimizing Sedation Practices in Critical Care

  • Impact of Multidisciplinary Rounds in Critical Care Units

  • Evaluating the Role of Advanced Practice Nurses

  • Assessment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Exploring the Impact of Delirium in Critically Ill Patients

  • Implementing Family-Centered Care in the ICU

  • Technology Adoption in Critical Care Nursing

  • Assessment of Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes

  • Patient Stabilization