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i-manager Publications was initiated in the year 2004 with its first Journal focusing on Educational Technology and since then has been publishing 33 academic Journals in diverse fields. i-manager Publications follows international quality standards in peer review and publishing of scientific content and its dissemination with its Editorial Management System. i-manager Publications has created a valuable database of international authors and peer reviewers for all its Journals, and production of each issue goes through lot of stringent measures to ensure very high quality to the readers.

Our Policy

We, at i-manager Publications upheld the true spirits of the publishing industry and constantly innovate to keep ourselves updated.


To be the knowledge mirror of the technological advancements around the globe, to the education community at large.


To promote technology in education and create knowledge awareness among the masses, by bridging the gap to achieve a developed society.

Our Journals Address

  • Education practitioners in schools, colleges, other Training and Educational Institutes, Corporate, Industry, Professionals and authors with related interests
  • Trainers, Lecturers, Advisers and Consultants
  • Researchers in Scientific, Technology, Education, and Management
  • Media talking and researching in Scientific, Technology, Education and Management areas

Highlights of Our Journals

  • Offers a wide and clear approach to technological advancement and its applications in education worldwide
  • Encourages discussion of wide and varying aspects that addresses the educational sector
  • Supports continuing educational development fused with technological advancements
  • Benefits the education practitioners from the researches conducted worldwide

Our Strength

Our young, talented and committed workforce is our key strength and we work together as a team guided by quality principles to provide only the best for our customers.

i-manager’s Educational Society

i-manager’s Educational Society comprises of Educationists from the town of Nagercoil in Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India. The society works towards upliftment of social causes such as Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Objectives of Society:

  • To establish and run Pre-primary, Primary schools, High schools, Residential / Non Residential Schools, all types of Institutions and Colleges in all disciplines for imparting education to all.
  • To hold meetings, seminars, conferences, survey, etc. with a view to creating awareness among the people in all Scientific, Technical, Educational and Management fields.
  • To publish print and online periodicals and books in all Scientific, Technical, Educational, and Management fields.
  • To establish technical trainings centres and also organize workshops, lectures, conventions, so as to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment through various informative programmes.
  • To establish reference libraries, organize books exhibition, arrange literary lectures, so as to develop the literary aspect of the community and also encourage the aspiring artists and writers of the community