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i-manager's Journal on Chemical Sciences (JCHEM)

Offering exciting Avenues and Challenges in Chemisty

Aims and Scope

i-manager’s Journal on Chemical sciences would be a global journal for the discovery and reporting of breakthroughs in basic and advanced chemical research covering all aspects of chemistry. i-manager's Journal on Chemical sciences aims to provide a platform to scientists and researchers all over the world to share their latest findings in all fields of Chemistry for the dissemination of knowledge.

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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

We follow stringent publication ethics, and plagiarized papers are not published, and are withdrawn at any stage of the publishing process. Plagiarism is not limited to the Results and Discussion sections; it can involve any part of the manuscript, including figures and tables, in which material is copied from another publication without attestation, reference, or permission.

Publication Ethics & Peer Review Policy

i-manager Publications follow transparent policies right from paper submission to publication through various well defined and time tested processes.

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Review Procedure

The Journal follows a double blind peer-review process. The submitted articles / research papers are reviewed by Professors/Educators in the field of Chemical Sciences.

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Overall Topics Covered

  • Biomaterials

  • Nanoscience

  • Molecular Electrocatalysis

  • Chemical biology

  • Analytical chemistry

  • Supramolecular chemistry

  • Reticular Chemistry

  • Theoretical chemistry

  • Computational chemistry

  • Green chemistry

  • Energy and environmental chemistry

  • Industrial Chemistry

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Medicinal Chemistry

  • Macromolecular chemistry

  • Nanoelectrochemistry

  • Biochemical and Bio-molecular Engineering

  • Chemical Science Equipment Design and Process Design

  • Crystallization

  • Mathematical Modelling and Simulation

  • Polymer Technology

  • Process Technology

  • Reactions Kinetics and Catalysis

  • Rheology

  • Separations Technology

  • Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibrium

  • Transport Phenomena in Porous/granular Media

  • Neurochemistry

  • Chemistry of Natural products

  • Fullerene chemistry

  • Biophysical chemistry

  • Organometallics

  • Photochemistry and Photo physics

  • NanoBubbles