i-manager's Journal on Digital Forensics & Cyber Security ( JDF )

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Editorial Board


Dr. Rajesh S. Bansode

Department of Information Technology,
Management Representative & IQAC Coordinator,
Thakur College of Engineering & Technology,
Kandivali (E),
Mumbai, India.
Email: rajesh.bansode@thakureducation.org rajesh.bansode1977@gmail.com


Editorial Board Members

Dr. R. Deepalakshmi
Assistant Professor,
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies,
The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University,
Taramani, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Email: profdeepalakshmi@gmail.com
Mr. Nikhil S. Mahadeshwar
Cybersecurity Expert,
Digital Forensics Investigator & Tech Innovator,
Cyber Secured India,
Mumbai, Maharashtra,
Email: nikhil@cybersecuredindia.com
Mr. Krunalkumar Shah
Independent Consultant and Mentor,
Software Engineering,
E-mail: einstein1410@gmail.com
Mr. Keshav Kaushik
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies,
Uttarakhand, India.
Email : officialkeshavkaushik@gmail.com
Mr. Yashar Salami
Research Scholar,
Department of Information Technology,
Islamic Azad University,
Qazvin, Iran.
Email : yashar.salami@gmail.com