Modeling And Simulation Of Fixed Bed Adsorption Column: Effect Of Velocity Variation

B.V. Babu*, Suresh Gupta**
*Assistant DeanESD & Head of Chemical Engineering Department B.I.T.S., PILANI-333031 (Rajasthan) INDIA.
**Department of Chemical Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology & Science,Pilani 333031 (Rajasthan) India
Periodicity:August - October'2005


The kinetic behavior of a fixed-bed adsorber can be explained and the characteristic breakthrough curve of the adsorption phenomena can be obtained through mathematical models. In the earlier models, the kinetics is explained using a mathematical model that takes into account of external and internal mass-transfer resistances with a nonideal plug flow behavior. The variation of fluid velocity along the column is an important aspect, which has not been accounted so far. In the present study, a mathematical model is proposed for explaining the kinetic behavior of adsorption phenomena incorporating the fluid velocity variation along the column length also. Internal mass-transfer resistances due to pore diffusion mechanism are considered in the model. The proposed mathematical model for fixed-bed adsorption is solved numerically and compared with earlier model reported in literature. The results show that the breakpoint is obtained earlier which represents the realistic behavior in adsorption phenomena. Initially the sharp front of the breakthrough curve is seen followed by broadening of tail of the breakthrough curve. Simulations are carried out using the present model for a systematic parametric study. The effects of various important and influencing parameters such as flow rate, bed height, inlet adsorbate concentration and particle diameter on breakthrough curve are studied in detail.


Adsorption, Modeling, Pore Diffusion Control, Breakthrough Curve, Mass Transfer.

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B.V. Babu and Suresh Gupta (2006). Modeling And Simulation Of Fixed Bed Adsorption Column: Effect Of Velocity Variation. i-manager’s Journal on Future Engineering and Technology, 1(1), 60-66.


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