Chaos Control in a Chaotic Finance System by Lie Algebraic Exact Linearization

0*, Mohammed Raziuddin**
*Department of General Studies, College of Applied Sciences, Nizwa, Oman.
**Department of Information Technology, Nizwa College of Technology, Nizwa, Oman.
Periodicity:October - December'2018


In this paper, the authors investigate the control of chaotic dynamics of a financesystem by implementing a Lie algebraic exact linearization technique.Controlling of chaos is based on feedback control law in which nonlinearcoordinateis transformed into linear one without the loss of generality. The authors use Mathematica for all simulation. All the analytical and graphical results confirm the robustness of the control in the considered finance system. A comparative graphical study between uncontrolled (original) and controlled trajectories has been presented through various plots.


Exact linearization, Lie Bracket, Finance System.

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Shahzad, M., Raziuddin, M. (2018). Chaos Control in a Chaotic Finance System by Lie AlgebraicExact Linearization, i-manager's Journal on Mathematics, 7(4), 1-9.


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