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Publishing and Peer Review Policy

i-manager Publications follows transparent policies right from paper submission to publication through various well defined and time tested processes. i-manager Publications uses a proprietary Online Editorial Management System for Paper submission, Relevancy check, Plagiarism check, Peer review, Editor-in-Chief review and Final Publication.

Submission Guidelines

The author must provide all details including his/her name, job title, organization/institution of affiliation name, brief biographical description, and a recent photograph. In case of more than one author, the corresponding authors' full details including email, fax, phone and address for communication need to be provided.

Paper Format

  • The paper needs to contain a title, an abstract, keywords, main body with sections and subsections and references.
  • All references need to be cited.
  • APA format should be followed for reference, citation and for Tables, Font style: Arial in 10 pt size.
  • Figures and tables should follow the references. Make sure that every table or figure is referred in the text. The table or figure will be placed after the first mention in the text.
  • Illustrations if provided, should be clear and in JPEG format.
  • All articles should be error free to the maximum extent possible and any technical matter must be as clear as possible.

Author Responsibilities

Authors should ensure that they have written and submitted only original works, and if they have used the work and/or words of others, that has been appropriately cited. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable. Authors should not submit for consideration a manuscript that has already been published in another Journal. Submission of a manuscript concurrently to more than one Journal is unethical publishing behaviour and unacceptable.

Submission Procedure

First time authors are requested to register themselves on the registration page. Once registered, authors can submit and know the status of their papers. Existing authors are requested to use their username and password to submit papers and know the current status of the paper.Researchers and practitioners are expected to submit on or before the stipulated deadlines. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified before the stipulated deadline about the status of their proposals. All submitted articles in full text are expected to be submitted before the stipulated deadline.

Relevancy Check

The internal review team checks for the relevancy of the paper with the journal submitted. The abstracts would be reviewed initially and the acceptance and rejection of the abstracts would be notified to the corresponding authors. If accepted, the paper is moved to plagiarism check. If the paper is relevant to any other Journal published by us, it may be moved to that Journal depending on the editor’s discretion. If the paper is not relevant to any of the Journals published by us, it will be rejected without moving to the next level.

Plagiarism Check

If the paper is within the tolerance limit, the paper is moved for review. If the similarity level is above 20%, the paper is rejected.

Peer Review

Reviewers have the right to accept or review the paper based on their area of specialization. We follow a double blind peer review policy. The reviewers send their recommendations on the papers in the Online Editorial Management system through their login. Internal editorial team reviews the observations of the reviewers and decides if the paper needs a modification, or can be accepted without modification or the paper should be rejected. If modification is needed, the author defends or modifies the paper and submits the revised paper again through the online system.

Reviewer Responsibilities

Reviewers of the Journals undertake to conduct a fair and free double-blind review and remain impartial. Reviewers make sure that the papers submitted are significant to the research community.

Editor-in-Chief Review

The compiled papers for the issue after revision are sent to the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) for acceptance. The EIC has the right to request modification, accept or reject papers from the compiled list. The abstracts of the accepted papers by EIC are published online.

Editor-in-Chief Responsibilities

The overall responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief would be to oversee all the editorial processes of the Journal and make sure that papers published would benefit the research community.

Final Publication

The accepted papers undergo technical editing and are page setted for print version of the issue. The page setted papers for print are proof checked for typographical errors. A preprint version of the paper is sent to the author before final publication.The paper finally gets published and the author can download the softcopy of the paper using the registered credentials.

Nowhere, on any circumstance the above steps are violated.

No Publishing Fee

The publisher follows a ‘No Publishing Fee’ policy.

Plagiarism Policy

Once the authors submit the full papers in accordance to the suggestions in the abstract review report, the papers will be forwarded for Plagiarism check. Papers having ONLY less than 20% similarity will be forwarded to the double blind review process. Authors are advised to restrain from fraudulent practices as plagiarism is not limited to only text, but applies to tables, figures and all such data.

Dual Submission

When the authors submit the same paper for publication in more than one of i-manager’s Journal, one of the papers will be rejected from the submission. Authors are advised to restrain from dual submission practices in 2 Journals of same Publisher or different publishers. If dual submission is found at any stage of the process, the paper would be rejected. If the paper has been accepted by both Journals, the paper would be removed from the website citing reasons of dual submission if publication history of the other Journal proceeds.

Multiple Authors

One of the organizational policies of the publisher is to have maximum 7 authors for a research paper. If the paper has more than 7 authors for a research work, the authors should submit the contribution of each co-author for approval by the Internal Committee on Publication Ethics.


Upon submission of an article, authors are requested to complete a copyright form, which transfers copyright in all original material in the article to the publisher if the article is accepted. The copyright form must be filled in correctly, signed, dated and submitted before an article can be accepted. The signed scanned copy of complete and duly signed declaration form may be sent by e-mail to i-manager Publications holds the Copyright of the article to be published/published and any content to be re-used will require the consent of the Publisher.

Click here to download the Copyright Form

Author Rights

We follow green open access policy with regards to author rights. Authors reserve the right to post the link of their accepted/published papers in their own academic website or University Repositories to which they are affiliated to with complete citation. However, this does not reserve the right for them to use it for commercial gains.

Publisher Responsibilities

In case of any misconduct, the publisher will take all appropriate measures to clarify the situation and to amend the article in question. This includes the prompt publication of an erratum or, in the most severe cases, the complete retraction of the affected work.

The Publisher and the Journal do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, religion, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, gender, career status or sexual orientation in its publishing programs, services and activities.

Access to Journal Content

The publisher is committed to the permanent availability and preservation of all published scholarly articles and ensures continuous accessibility by partnering with other abstracting and indexing databases as well apart from maintaining their own digital archive.