PMMA Based Polymer Gel Electrolyte Containing LiCF3SO3

Narinder Arora*, Ajay Sharma**, Amit Kumar***, Rajesh Kumar****
*-**** Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, D.A.V. College, Amritsar, India.
**-*** PG Scholar, Department of Physics, D.A.V. College, Amritsar, India.
Periodicity:April - June'2014


Effect of polymer (PMMA) and salt (LiCF3SO3 ) on the conducting behaviour of polymer gel electrolytes in non-volatile solvent (PC) has been studied. The maximum ionic conductivity ( = 2.92 mS/cm) of polymer gel electrolyte has been observed at room temperature. An anomalous conducting behaviour is observed at small content of PMMA addition in gel electrolyte. Small increase in conductivity observed with increasing temperature (range 10o -70o C) is in factor-wise only, which makes these gel electrolytes suitable for many device applications.


Ionic Conductivity, Polymer Gel Electrolytes, Lithium Salt.

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Arora, N., Sharma, A., Kumar, A., & Kumar, R. (2014). PMMA Based Polymer Gel Electrolyte Containing LiCF3SO3. i-manager's Journal on Material Science, 2(1), 24-26.


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