Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring: An Innovative Approach to Ensuring the Durability and Safety of Structures

Nithin T. A.*
Department of Civil Engineering, Jayamatha Engineering College, Aralvaimozhi, Tamil Nadu, India.
Periodicity:September - November'2022


Structural health monitoring is an essential tool for ensuring the durability and safety of structures, particularly in the face of changing loads and environmental conditions. With the increasing demand for real-time monitoring and control, the use of sensors and other diagnostic tools has become increasingly important. This paper presents a review of the current state of the field of real-time structural health monitoring, including the need for real-time monitoring, the types of sensors and diagnostic tools used, case studies and examples, data processing and analysis methods, challenges and limitations, and future trends and developments. The review highlights the importance of real-time monitoring in detecting damage early and preventing structural failure, improving safety, and reducing maintenance costs. The paper also identifies gaps in the existing research and provides recommendations for future studies. The results of this review demonstrate the potential of real-time structural health monitoring as an innovative approach to ensuring the durability and safety of structures.


Structural Health, Structural Health Monitoring, Safety of Structures.

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Nithin, T. A. (2022). Real-Time Structural Health Monitoring: An Innovative Approach to Ensuring the Durability and Safety of Structures. i-manager’s Journal on Structural Engineering, 11(3), 43-54.


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