Selection of Best Scooter Model using the Fuzzy- AHP MCDM Methodology

Debojit Roy*, Soupayan Mitra**
*-** Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India.
Periodicity:March - May'2022


The Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) is a new and advanced managerial tool for evaluating the best solution at the optimal level. The main purpose of the MCDM tool is to solve complex decision problems where the decision-makers are experiencing lots of conflicts. The decisions are to be made based on the criteria and their relative importance. If the decision that has to be taken have financial and resource involvement, the decision has to be taken very attentively. Selecting the best-suited scooter also involves many complex aspects like design and ergonomics, power output, fuel economy, price, and many other aspects. The objectives of this particular work are to find the best scooter model among four selective alternatives and to study and evaluate various MCDM tools like the Fuzzy-AHP methods, which are vigorously used in solving different complex decision or selection problems based on criteria associated with this problem.


Fuzzy-AHP, MCDM, Selection, Scooter.

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Roy, D., and Mitra, S. (2022). Selection of Best Scooter Model using the Fuzzy- AHP MCDM Methodology. i-manager’s Journal on Management, 16(4), 31-41.


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