Investigation of Dynamic behaviour on Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites

Arun C. Dixit *, S. A. Mohan Krishna **, B. C. Ashok ***, Vismay K. G.****, Shivashankar R.*****
*-***** Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru, Karnataka, India.
Periodicity:January - March'2021


Vibrational and damping characteristics of composites are important in many applications, including ground-based and airborne vehicles, space structures, and sporting goods. In response to a transient or dynamic loading, structures can experience excessive vibrations that create high noise levels, stress fatigue failure, premature wear, operator discomfort, and unsafe operating conditions. Most of the research work is focused mainly on the characterization of mechanical, tribological and microstructure properties. Tungsten carbide is attractive as reinforcement because it has high hardness, high modulus of elasticity and excellent thermal stability. From the literature review, it is evident that only limited studies have been carried out on the aluminium-tungsten carbide (WC) metal matrix composites. In this project, we investigated the dynamic behaviour of aluminium hybrid metal matrix composites using tungsten carbide and fly ash as reinforcements.


Aluminium LM 6 Alloy, Tungsten Carbide, Fly Ash, Metal Matrix Composites, Stir Casting, Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) Analyzer, Numerical Modal Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy.

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Dixit, A. C., Krishna, S. A. M., Ashok, B. C., Vismay, K. G., and Shivashankar, R. (2021). Investigation of Dynamic behaviour on Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites. i-manager's Journal on Material Science, 8(4), 38-48.


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