The Extensive Study of Thermal and Kinetic Behavior as Non Isothermal Degradation with the Help of TGA: Rajasthan Rocks Minerals

Chetan M. Patel *, Chirag D. Patel **
*-** Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Sankalchand Patel University, Visnagar, Gujarat, India.
Periodicity:January - March'2021


The nature and content of rock minerals have a significant impact on the behavior and properties of rocks and the entire rock massif. The rock mineral such as calcite, china clay, talc and whiting in the form of rock specimen has been collected from various part of Rajasthan. The final materials in the form of powder in micrometer size were obtained using mechanical method. In the current paper, thermal behavior using TGA of all the rock minerals were studied and discussed briefly. The thermodynamics parameters were also determined with Broido method. Parameters such as Activation Energy Enthalpy, Entropy and Gibbs energy were computed from the TGA data using Broido method. The dynamic temperature aspect has been considered eventually and the results were presented in respective section. The DSC measurements curve illustrates heat flow with rising temperature. Specific heat capacities and thermal diffusivities of rock's minerals were measured form the analytical data. The investigation peak and region corresponding to enthalpy involved in the process has been identified in schematic DSC curve. Present investigation deals with measurement of the enthalpy of fusion, enthalpy of crystallization and melting point of minerals besides some other thermal event measurement briefly discussed at room temperature to decomposition temperature. All the measurements and calculations were carried out with scientific evidences. Phase transitions, transition due to resultant energy changes as well as glass transitions has also been recognized and discussed.


Broido Method, Heat Flow, Thermal Diffusivities, Thermal Transition, Thermodynamics Parameter, Specific Heat.

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Patel, C. M., and Patel, C. D. (2021). The Extensive Study of Thermal and Kinetic Behavior as Non Isothermal Degradation with the Help of TGA: Rajasthan Rocks Minerals. i-manager's Journal on Material Science, 8(4), 20-30.


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