Impact of Equipment Management on Real-Time Construction Projects

Akhil T. *, Sai Kiran K. P. L. R. **, Sai Teja K. ***, K. N. Narasimha Prasad ****
*-**** National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Goa Campus, Goa, India.
Periodicity:September - November'2020


Construction sector relies on the effective utilization of resources. Equipment is one of the major resources which leads to cost and time overruns if they are not managed properly. So the equipment should be accurately managed as they form a substantial portion of the project. Due to intricacy of projects, unavailability of manual labour and the need to complete projects in time, utilization of equipment is on an increase. Before procuring equipment, it is necessary to perform useful life analysis for the equipment and select the equipment best suited for the project. The method of procurement of construction equipment also needs careful consideration. If construction equipments are idle or breaksdown frequently, the project suffers cost and time overruns. In this study, qualitative and quantitative data are gathered to identify the most commonly used construction equipment in Indian infrastructure projects and also the critical reasons which need to be avoided or improved upon to ensure efficient equipment management. In conclusion, the paper presents the critical reasons for cost and time over-run due to mismanagement of equipment and also suggests the proactive measures to be taken to overcome idle equipment and equipment breakdown.


Construction Equipment, Equipment Management, Idling of Construction Equipment.

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Akhil, T., Kiran, K. P. L. R. S., Teja, K. S., and Prasad, K. N. N. (2020). Impact of Equipment Management on Real-Time Construction Projects. i-manager's Journal on Management, 15(2), 46-53.


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