Admittance Characteristics of C-Bandwave Guide Junction

P. Ujjvala Kanthi Prabha*, Bandi Divyank**
*MVGR College of Engineering Vizianagaram, India.
** Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Periodicity:November - January'2019


The essential element in radar and radiation pattern of open ended slot arrays will be communication applications is antenna. In Several applications radiation with polarization in the desired direction is required. Waveguide junctions can be used for such applications. In H-plane Tee junctions, tee arm is coupled to main waveguide narrow wall through longitudinal slot. In order to provide additional parameters for array designer, inclined slots are used instead of longitudinal slots in the narrow wall of main distorted because mutual coupling exists between the slots. But slot coupled shunt tees suppress the cross polarized components, which in turn reduces the mutual coupling between the slots. Slots in rectangular waveguide Arrays are considered by Stevenson. Studies are made for infinite guides with matched termination, but in practice, the guides have wave guide, which produces vertical polarization with unmatched termination. Arthur’s et al.[1] analysis to purity. The present work gives analysis to obtain equivalent impedance parameters as seen from conductance, susceptance, coupling and VSWR as a function of frequency after determining the resonant slot length for different antenna parameters like slot angle and slot width. For C-band H-plan Tee junction the results are numerically computed using concepts of self- reaction and discontinuity in modal currents. For array designers this data presented is useful.


self-reaction, discontinuity in modal current, conductance, susceptance, H-plane Tee junction.

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Prabha, P. U. K., & Divyank, B. (2019). Admittance Characteristics of C-Band Wave Guide Junction. i-manager's Journal on Communication Engineering and Systems, 8(1), 25-30.


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