Computer Modeling and Simulation of Ultrasonic Signal Processing and Measurements

Y. B. Gandole*
Department of Electronics, Adarsha Science J.B.Arts and Birla Commerce Mahavidyalaya, Dhamangaon, India.
Periodicity:September - November'2011


In this paper the system for simulation, measurement and processing in graphical user interface implementation is presented. The received signal from the simulation is compared to that of an actual measurement in the time domain. The comparison of simulated, experimental data clearly shows that acoustic wave propagation can be modelled. The feasibility has been demonstrated in an ultrasound transducer setup for material property investigations. The results of simulation are compared to experimental measurements. Results obtained fit some much with those found in experiment and show the validity of the used model. The simulation tool therefore provides a way to predict the received signal before anything is built. Furthermore, the use of an ultrasonic simulation package allows for the development of the associated electronics to amplify and process the received ultrasonic signals. Such a virtual design and testing procedure not only can save us time and money, but also provide better understanding on design failures and allow us to modify designs more efficiently and economically.


Modeling, Simulation, Ultrasonic, signal processing

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Y.B. Gandole (2011). Computer Modeling and Simulation of Ultrasonic Signal Processing and Measurements. i-manager’s Journal on Electronics Engineering, 2(1), 33-44.


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