Be Mindful of the Move: A Swot Analysis of Cloud Computing Towards the Democratization of Technology

Mboungou Mouyabi Seke*
CRM Officer, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Periodicity:January - June'2018


Extending the capabilities of technology and mobile applications through cloud services to a large audience remains one of the key factors of success in the last decade of the digital transformation. However, this paper examines the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of Cloud Computing that provide credentials in an attempt to interrupt the silence of tangible transition occurring in the Information and Communication Technology landscape today through democratization. The paper has identified security issues to be both a threat and weakness to cloud computing while its strength resides in its elasticity and scalability. With the demonstration of its characteristics to be a disruptive technology, cloud computing has the potential of helping emerging markets reap the benefits of information technology without the substantial upfront investments that have hindered past efforts. In addition to this opportunity presented to emerging countries, the rapid strides created by cloud computing in all areas conveyed a malleable way of dealing with technology called democratization. The democratization of technology is the process by which access to technology continues to become easily available to more people through several devices, fixed and mobile. However, due to the quality method exuded in this paper, the opinion of the author does not necessary imply the view of other advocates and cloud-computing evangelists.


Cloud Computing, Democratization of Technology, SWOT Analysis.

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Seke, M. M. (2018). Be Mindful of the Move: A Swot Analysis of Cloud Computing Towards the Democratization of Technology, i-manager's Journal on Cloud Computing, 5(1), 26-35.


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