Using the Arduino Platform for Controlling AC Appliances with GSM Module and Relay

P. Rajesh*, Gurunadha Ravva**
* PG Scholar, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTUK University College of Engineering Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India.
** Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTUK University College of Engineering Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Periodicity:January - June'2018


It is always interesting to control the things around us. Moreover, controlling things like appliances located at remote places is really challenging. We need remote control technology, which has been rapidly growing to achieve these challenges. There are many communication systems to control remote appliances like Global System for Mobile (GSM), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and so on. Among them, the simplest technology to control is GSM. One more challenging issue is that to control AC appliances rather than to control simple Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) whose operating voltages are entirely different from AC appliances. The integration of Arduino and GSM along with relay, makes these challenges possible. In this paper, electrical appliances are controlled by sending SMS (Short Message Service) to GSM SIM900 module, which is integrated with Arduino and a relay is connected to it to handle high voltage devices. The number of devices to be controlled depends on the type of relay used. Presently, this paper presents successful controlling of four devices by using four channel relay.


Arduino, Global System for Mobile (GSM) SIM900, Relay, Short Message Service (SMS).

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Pakanati. R and Ravva. G. (2018). Using The Arduino Platform for Controlling AC Appliances with GSM Module and Relay. i-manager’s Journal on Mobile Applications and Technologies, 5(1), 29-34.


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