ANFIS Controlled Solar Pumping System

*, **
* Diploma Engineer in Electrical and Automation Engineering, National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia.
** Professor, Department of Automatic Electrical National Engineering School of Gabès, Tunisia.
Periodicity:March - May'2011


This paper deals with a Photovoltaic (PV) controlled pumping system. The topology is a sunshine PV pumping system which consists of a PV generator (PVG), a DC_DC power electronics converter and a DC motor coupled to a positive displacement pump. The proposed PV pumping system works without storage batteries. Water tank can be used as a storage one such as for irrigation use. The proposed system topology consists of a simple electronic design which is suitable for remote areas. The overall proposed algorithm is built around a Neuro-fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) DC-DC converter controller yielding to a high efficiency solar pumping system. The purpose of this work is to present a new ANFIS-PV which is designed as a combination of the concepts incorporating Sugeno fuzzy model and neural networks. This last uses directly the PVG current and power as the MPPT controller inputs. Matlab Simulation results are selected and presented to highlight improvement for the overall proposed pumping scheme.


PVG, MPPT, Boost Converter, ANFIS, DC Motor Pump.

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Farhat Mayssa and Sbita Lassaad (2011). ANFIS Controlled Solar Pumping System. i-manager’s Journal on Electronics Engineering, 1(3), 1-9.


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