A Survey of Techniques for License Plate Detection and Recognition

Athul Suresh Nair*, Sabitha Raju**, K. J. Harikrishnan***, Akhil Mathew****
*,***-**** UG Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakulam, Kerala, India.
** Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakulam, Kerala, India.
Periodicity:January - March'2018
DOI : https://doi.org/10.26634/jip.5.1.13984


This paper aims to comprehensively map out developments in Image Processing and Machine Vision and their implementation in the application of License Plate Recognition. This paper examines the implementation of new technologies in both the plate detection, and number identification aspects of the process. The paper appreciates the advancements made in the methodology for the application, and underlines the resulting accuracy and finesse of the system. All methods considered are from papers published 2010 onwards.


Image Processing, Genetic Algorithms, Edge Detection, Template Matching, Noise Removal.

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Nair, A.S., Raju,S., Harikrishnan,K.J., and Mathew,A. (2018). Survey of Techniques For License Plate Detection and Recognition. i-manager’s Journal on Image Processing, 5(1), 25-32. https://doi.org/10.26634/jip.5.1.13984


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