GSM-Based Automated and Smart Irrigation System

Monika Tiwari*, Shivangi Shukla**, Vinti Sharma***, Meenalsahu****, Hemlata Sinha*****, Dharmendra Singh******
*-**** B.E. Scholar, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, SSIPMT, Raipur, India.
*****-****** Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, SSIPMT, Raipur, India.
Periodicity:November - January'2018


Water is a major source of energy for all the living things whether it is a plant or an animal. In this modern world, there are a number of villages, where farmers depend on the rains and borewells for the irrigation of land. Monitoring overhead is still an issue for the farmers having a water pump. It is required to turn ON/OFF manually when needed. To minimize the labor effort, wasting of water, and monitoring overhead, it is the necessity to design an automated irrigation system to resolve such problems. In this paper, the authors propose an automated plant and crop irrigation system using various components like the microcontroller, GSM module, and sensor. This automated irrigation system is proposed to schedule water delivery to the crops.


Irrigation, GSM Module, Microcontroller, LCD, Soil Moisture Sensor.

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Tiwari, M., Shukla, S., Sharma, V., Meenalsahu., Sinha, H., Singh, D. (2018). GSM-Based Automated and Smart Irrigation System. i-manager’s Journal on Instrumentation and Control Engineering, 6(1), 25-30.


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