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i-manager's Ponninadhi ( Journal on Tamil Language and Literature )

by i-manager Publications
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Ponninadhi Journal is highlighted as a source of pride and acclaim for the Tamil research community. It is a platform for scholars to contribute to and showcase their research related to Tamil literature. The Journal aims to highlight the harmonious lives of Tamils across various historical periods. This includes exploring aspects such as morality, education, science, arts, philosophy, sovereignty, professions, and daily life. Ponni Nadhi seeks to convey the diverse aspects of Tamil literature to future generations, encompassing works from the Sangam period to the contemporary era. The Journal aims to foster understanding and share Tamil perspectives through insightful articles, exploring the various dimensions of Tamil literature and contributing to a broader appreciation of Tamil culture and heritage. Ponni Nadhi recognizes that Tamil literature reflects diverse social aspects, acknowledging the richness and diversity of thought present in these works and aiming to bring these perspectives to the forefront. This commitment suggests a dedication to showcasing a variety of research topics and approaches while contributing to the enrichment of knowledge in the field, reflecting a commitment to upholding academic excellence and integrity.


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