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i-manager's Journal on Augmented & Virtual Reality ( JAVR )

by i-manager Publications
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Most young gamers live today in the metaverse, which is a three dimensional virtual world entertainment has moved into, and sooner most of the online businesses may move into metaverse giving their customers an augmented reality shopping experience, while staying at home aided by high-speed internet services. i-manager’s Journal on Augmented and Virtual Reality aims to bring the cutting-edge research culminating gaming experience on metaverse using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and transitioning them into online business experience, virtual community experience and e-learning experience. This field is futuristic with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D modelling and reconstruction, Internet of Things, Edge Computing and 5G, and it has high academic research potential due to its business adoptability and commercial viability. The Journal would publish current research in this field and open the academic space for research enthusiasts and investors interested in constructing metaverse projects.


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