Distance based LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network

Urvashi Pathania*
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, HMV College, Jalandhar, India.
Periodicity:July - September'2016
DOI : https://doi.org/10.26634/jwcn.5.2.8173


Wireless Sensor Networks are composed of innumerable little accuse, low control devices with sense, local processing and wireless communication capabilities. Minimizing energy expenditure and maximizing the networks natural life are considerable issues in the devise of routing protocol for sensor networks. In this paper, the author has analyzed the competence of LEACH protocol in extending the subsistence for energy-constrained Wireless Sensor Networks. Based on LEACH protocol, a new text of LEACH protocol distance based leach protocol that is to be energy consumption protocol in Wireless Sensor Network is surveyed.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Efficiency, LEACH Protocol, Distance Based LEACH Protocol

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Pathania, U. (2016). Distance based LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network. i-manager's Journal on Wireless Communication Networks, 5(2), 30-37. https://doi.org/10.26634/jwcn.5.2.8173


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