Design of PI Speed Controller for Power Converter fed Variable Speed DC Drive

0*, I. Prabhakar Reddy**
* Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Annamacharay Institute of Technology and Science (Autonomous), Andhra pradesh, India.
** Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, NBKR Institute of Science and Technology (Autonomous), Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Periodicity:July - September'2018


The speed control of the DC drive, in industry, is very important for product of quality goods. This paper deals with a mathematical model of DC drive fed with different converters and the design of the double loop control structure for its speed control. In double loop control structure the proportional and integral gains of speed controller are evaluated using Ziegler Nichols open loop (S curve) and Symmetrical Optimization methods. The performance of DC drive using the double loop control is analyzed using MATLAB/ Simulink. The simulation results, with constant operating speed, indicate that the DC drive using the double loop control designed with Symmetrical Optimization method provides the superior speed performance than the DC drive using the double loop control designed with Ziegler Nichols open loop method. The similar speed response can be obtained with the selected PI gains of double loop control for variable speeds. Finally, a comparative study has been done to highlight the benefits of the double loop control which is made with Symmetrical Optimization than Ziegler Nichols open loop method.


DC Drive, Double Loop Control, Power Converter, Symmetric Optimization, PI Controller

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Gopi, P., and Reddy, I. P. (2018). Design of PI Speed Controller for Power Converter fed Variable Speed DC Drive. i-manager’s Journal on Electrical Engineering,12(1), 1-9.


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