Design of RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch for Ku-Ka Band with Low Activation Voltage

Piyush Bhatasana*, Dhaval Pujara**, Subhash Chandra Bera***


This paper proposes design of a zig-zag shaped RF MEMS capacitive shunt switch with low spring constant and low activation voltage of the order of 4.7V. In this design, there are two actuation electrodes and a separate signal line. Both electrodes and a signal line are arranged such that, the whole arrangement isolates the DC static charge and the input operating signal. The switch return-loss in up-state condition and the isolation in down-state condition were found more than 20dB over a wide frequency band of 18 to 51GHz.The switch yields insertion loss in up-state and return-loss in downstatecondition, lower than 0.5dB at same frequency band. The simulated results were verified through analytical method and found in close agreement.


Activation Voltage, Actuators, Coplanar Wave Guide (CPW), Down-State, Up-State.

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Bhatasana.P., Pujara.D and Bera. S.C (2018). Design of RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch for Ku-Ka Band with Low Activation Voltage. i-manager's Journal on Electronics Engineering, 8(2), 27-32.


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