Deblurring of Blurred Image By Measuring White Space

Devika Sahu*, Sanjivani Shantaya**
* M.Tech Scholar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, RITEE, Raipur, India.
** Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, RITEE, Raipur, India.
Periodicity:July - September'2017


One of the major problems in the field of photography is a blur. A blur in the image is obtained by the disturbance in the setting of the camera or due to the motion of the things to be captured and noise added to the image. This artifact becomes very crucial nowadays in the field of photography. There are various works already been done by the researchers and a lot of work is still in progress. But, the restoring of the image in its original state are still a big problem. In this paper, the authors propose a method, in which the blur can be removed by using whiteness measurement of the image captured or stored.


Defocus Image Deblurring, Blind Image, Non-Blind Image, Spatially Variant Deblurring, Image Deconvolution/ Deblurring, Image Restoration

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Sahu,D. and Shantaiya,S. (2017). Deblurring of Blurred Image By Measuring White Space. i-manager’s Journal on Image Processing, 4(3), 28-31.


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