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Featured Author

Tom Page
Senior Lecturer
Loughborough Design School
Tom Page is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Electronic Product Design, Loughborough University, UK. His background is inavionics worked as a development Engineer for Ferranti Defence Systems Ltd. in Edinburgh. He took up a two-year fixed-termresearch assistantship at the Engineering Design Research Centre in Glasgow. Upon completion of this role, he taughtComputer-Aided Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. Since moving to Loughborough University, Tom hastaught Electronic Product Design, Interaction Design, Design and Manufacturing Technology and Physical Computing. Hisresearch interests are in Engineering Design, Design Education, Technology Education and Electronic Design Automation.

Featured Editor

Dr. Robert W. Robertson

Featured Editorial
Dr. Robert W. Robertson is the Director of Academic Affairs (Central Florida campus) and a Fellow at the Center for Workforce Diversity Research at the University of Phoenix. In addition, he is a Visiting Professor of Management (2006- ) at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Dr. Robertson serves as a Scientific Adviser (2006- ) to the Global Universities in Distance Education (GUIDE) association sponsored by Marconi University in Rome, Italy. He is the Vice President (Southeast region) of Phi Beta Delta, International Honors Society. He has more than twenty five years of experience leading and managing organizations in the public sector and in academia in Kazakhstan, Canada and the United States. Dr. Robertson is an invited speaker at conferences in the areas of workforce development, strategic planning, quality and continuous improvement, online education and international business.

Featured Journal

This era of competitive business environment demands a more visionary approach to understand the various sectors and fields of business. Our incessant search in this field prompted us to launch i-manager’s Journal on Management, to reflect the thoughts and knowledge of researchers and academicians to transfor...

Featured Article

China and its reforming markets have increasingly attracted the attention of Western companies. It is seen as a country with expanding markets and low labour costs. As a result, numerous firms have moved production there (Salmi, 2008). This report compares and contrasts the deciding factors under which c...

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