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i-manager's Journal on Pattern Recognition (JPR)

Interpretation of Information Handling and Retreival Applications

i-manager’s Journal on Pattern Recognition provides innovative ideas for the researchers, academics, professionals and high level engineering students to bring together the current developments in the applications of medicine, robotics, and remote sensing by satellites. Pattern recognition is characterized by automated searches over a large number of observations and huge combinatorial spaces and is concerned with the automatic discovery of regularities in data through the use of computer algorithms.

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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

We follow stringent publication ethics, and plagiarized papers are not published, and are withdrawn at any stage of the publishing process. Plagiarism is not limited to the Results and Discussion sections; it can involve any part of the manuscript, including figures and tables, in which material is copied from another publication without attestation, reference, or permission.

   Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Review Procedure

The Journal follows a double blind peer-review process. The submitted articles / research papers are reviewed by Professors/Educators in Pattern Recognition fields.

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Overall Topics Covered

  • Pattern Recognition in Time Dependent Data

  • Signal Processing for Pattern Recognition

  • Fingerprint and Character Recognition

  • Face and Object Detection and Recognition

  • Pattern Recognition in Health Informatics Applications

  • Character, Text and Language Recognition

  • Classification and Clustering Methods

  • Pattern Formation Systems

  • Statistical Techniques and Pattern Analysis

  • Target Recognition Systems

  • Signal, Video and Speech Recognition

  • Object Recognition and Tracking

  • Pattern Recognition in Biosciences Applications

  • Pattern Recognition in Library applications

  • Pattern Recognition in Computational Science Applications

  • Syntactical and Structural Pattern Recognition

  • Biometric Recognition

  • Predictive Modelling Applications

  • Large Data Forecasting Applications

  • Advances in Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition

  • Image Analysis for Present Day Security

  • Satellite Image Processing

  • Hypergraphy Imaging

  • Asynchronous Pattern Matching - Metrics

  • Pattern Matching Techniques

  • Character, Text and Language Recognition

  • Feature Selection and Extraction

  • Meteorology Applications using Pattern Recognition

  • Neuromorphic systems

  • Space Science Applications using Pattern Recognition

  • Domain Adaptation

  • Man and Machine Diagnostics

  • Person Identification and Industrial Inspection

  • Document Image Enhancement

  • Remote Sensing Applications

  • Brain Signal Pattern Recognition

  • Load Time- Series Classification Based In Pattern Recognition Methods

  • Face Animation

  • Pattern matching in the presence of unstructured noise

  • Forgery Detection System

  • Cyber Deception using Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods

  • Advanced Reinforcement Learning Techniques

  • Pattern Recognition in Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning -Control Self-Driving Cars (and Other Types of Robots)

  • Image Segmentation

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Applications of pattern recognition in Genetic Algorithm

  • Deep Neural Networks

  • Support Vector Machine

  • Computer Vision and Big Data Learning

  • AI-based Pattern Recognition Methods

  • Human Behavior Recognition

  • Urban 3D Reconstruction

  • Visual Odometry